November 9, 2021

introducing: celestia

we have always looked to the limitless night sky to ignite our intuition and guide us on our path. letting our minds drift and dream in the cosmos, we discover the uniqueness and meaning of our own lives.

our celestia collection is inspired by the sacred geometry of ancient astronomy that defines the endless and limitless cosmos. this sacred geometry was the mathematical dialect of hypatia, an ancient astronomer.  she was a woman who was a trailblazer in her field and thus became our muse for the celestia collection.

in designing the celestia collection, we sought to create constellation jewelery that speaks in the sacred language of the universe, with the intention of connecting our own intuition and imagination to the journey of the stars.

each of the unique jewelry pieces in this astrological jewelry inspired collection can be an offering of guidance on your journey, showing you that while you may be one, you are part of a connected and infinite universe.


what was the initial sentiment behind the celestia collection?

hypatia, an ancient astronomer and mathematician, the first woman to make substantial contributions to mathematics and astronomy, is our muse for this galaxy collection. She taught us that the cosmos are numerically ordered, with the planets moving in orbits corresponding to musical intervals and creating harmonies in space (credit: the music of the spheres). i truly wanted to capture the feeling of being in a dream state, full of endless possibilities in which you had a clear direction and purpose.

what was the design process like?

we wanted every piece to have a magical and dream-like quality. we loved the idea of our lives  being compared to “drifting stars on a fortuitous journey” appearing wayward and yet deliberate.

if you had to pick a favourite piece, which would it be?

the polaris pendant and dream state ring because of their dreamy, night sky feeling and because enamel is a new process for us. both pieces are unique jewelry offerings, which is important to me to feature in all collections.

what do you want someone to feel when they're wearing these pieces?

a connection to something larger than themselves, to the stars, to the night sky and the cosmos, and its representation of guidance, journey and a sense of direction. the knowledge that we are all connected on a deeper level.

Written By Heather Bunt
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