May 5, 2022

humans of bluboho: what we’re gifting our mamas

mother’s day is only a few days away, and we’ve been working away behind the scenes to make sure all mothers feel loved, appreciated, and celebrated this year with gifts from the heart. many members of our small-yet-mighty bluboho team have opted to celebrate the mothers in our lives with pieces that symbolize their greatest qualities— so in case you needed some mother’s day gift ideas, here’s what we’re gifting our very own mamas this year. 

the artistic mom

“growing up, my mom always encouraged me to chase my dreams. unconventionally, my mom was a practicing artist that left her corporate job to never stop creating. this advice has manifested itself in so many ways in my life, and has encouraged me to never stop chasing my passions and innovating new ways to explore my creativity.

the tie dye moon child medallion necklace reminds me of my mom’s compassion and creativity, as the full moon shaped medallion is coloured by the night’s landscape in star set sapphires. to me, this piece is representative of the dreamer that she is and the moon-like reflection that has shaped who i am— raising me to dream along with her…” – judy

the wise mom

“my mother has been my guidance and emotional support system all my life. she is the most important person in my life, and the most powerful individual i know. she inspires me, from being the first woman in her family to go way above and beyond when it came to her career, to having an exceptional amount of calm and composure while raising me. i hope to one day see her reflection in my eyes when i look in the mirror. just like my mama, the pearl sway hoops carry wisdom acquired through experience and a purity of heart.” – ava

the resilient mom

“for as long as i have been alive, my mom has always said, ‘beauty is only skin deep’.

through my years of growing, this phrase has evolved into a daily reminder to redefine beauty from the inside out— helping me to understand and appreciate the non-physical beauty rooted in the people around me, and most importantly, embrace my truest colors.

the dahlia flower bloom ring is one of the pieces that immediately comes to mind when i think of my mom. she is the embodiment of strength, resilience, and authentic beauty and she shares that with the world every chance she gets” – tess

the empathetic mom

"my mum is truly the most caring and thoughtful person i've ever known: tirelessly scouring any thrift shop just to find a dupe of a lamp you said you loved 8 years ago… something i've adopted into my own life.

in true empath form, my mom will sit on the floor to cry with you, or help you laugh your way through whatever hardship has transpired that week. these are things we often take for granted when we're younger, but now that i'm older, i feel so lucky to have someone to walk through life with.

mums are a lifeline, a friend, and the person we all lean on.

when i thought about what piece would best suit my mom, i immediately thought of the lean on me diamond studs. sparkling and dainty, these earrings emulate pieces that she has cherished overtime and has graciously passed along to my sisters and i— an everlasting and timeless piece i know she adores…” – quinn

the intuitive mom

“i come from a long line of powerful, strong women, and my mum is no different.

she has raised her children to be authentically who we are; to have a fierce sense of justice, to advocate for the marginalized, to be kind and compassionate to people of all walks of life. the ideals she instilled in me have become my inner compass, and have taught me to stand strong in my convictions.

the dahlia flower necklace speaks to exactly who she is: elegant, beautiful, fiercely loyal, guided by her inner wisdom and deep intuition to do what is right. her strength has upheld us for our whole lives, and the trail she blazes widens the path for others to follow.” – jasmin

the selfless mom

there are many things i could say about my mom, but i’m afraid i wouldn’t even be able to capture her essence. i have three siblings, so she raised four children, which is no easy feat. particularly when i recall how difficult we were as children and teenagers…

she spent a majority of her adult life pouring all of her time and energy into raising four other human beings… and just hoping we would turn out as kind and well-mannered as she taught us to be. the selflessness of going without just so that she could give us everything we asked for is something we will be endlessly grateful for.

the second i saw the always connected necklace and read the story behind it, i knew it was the perfect gift. no matter how old we get or how far we go, we will always be connected to our mother. our roots forever entangled as we continue to grow and support each other in this life.” – jax

we hope this mini gift guide gave you some ideas! we believe in gifts with heart and meaning— and what could be more meaningful than ethically made fine jewelry imbued with symbolism? we wish you all, and your mamas, a very happy early mother’s day. 

  • the bluboho team xo
Written By Quinn McKerrow
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