January 7, 2020

brock & torie's love story | #blubohobrides


I spent a lot of time looking at different styles and consulting Torie's close friends and sisters. I wanted something unique (like her), something delicate and vintage-looking without being too ornate. Of course, I knew she loved Bluboho - so I creeped the store's Insta on the regular. I came across this one-of-a-kind sapphire ring and felt it checked the boxes, but was hesitant at first - a color center stone felt risky and I didn't want to get it wrong. Ten seconds into the consultation I knew that this was the ring. I love how it changes color under different lighting, just like Torie's eyes - blue to green. Our families have commented saying it looks like a Georgian Bay blue. 


We have known each other our whole lives because our parents have been really great friends since meeting at university. Since then, both our families have been cottaging on Georgian Bay every summer. Since Brock's family moved to the US in 2001, we only saw each other once a year during family get-togethers in the summer at the cottage.  


Fast forward to the summer of 2016 and the stars aligned in a spectacular way on a night at the cottage when the two of us were watching a meteor shower together. Brock returned to New York where he was living, Torie remained in Toronto. In an effort to court Torie from afar, Brock had a wishbone necklace from Bluboho delivered to her house (which she still wears every day), and our long-distance relationship slowly blossomed over the course of the next year, visiting one another as often as possible. 


But long-distance sucks and comes with its ups and downs (and 4-hour flight delays). We fell in love exploring our favourite parts of Toronto and New York but realized that it didn't matter if we were in Central Park or Trinity Bellwoods, so long as we were with each other. So, Brock moved to Toronto and we honestly couldn't be happier.


It was only natural that we got engaged in the same spot where our relationship first started; at the cottage. Torie's entire family helped Brock execute the perfect proposal by encouraging us to take a small hike on the property at the end of a day to watch the sunset. While Brock was reminiscing about the promises we made to each other in text messages during our long-distance relationship, Torie finally realized what was about to happen (queue the waterworks). Part of those promises was to spend the rest of our lives together, no matter what. Brock got on one knee, Torie said yes, and Brock was so nervous that he got confused about which hand was which, looking up in a panic, "which one is your left!??". We figured it out.


bluboho: what's your favorite thing about your partner


Torie:  Brock is one of the most emotionally intelligent people that I know. His ability to put himself in other people's shoes and practice empathy and compassion constantly amazes and impresses me. That, among other things, is one of the ways in which he continues to inspire me and challenges me to be the best version of myself that I can.

Brock: Her laugh. No, seriously. On several occasions, comedians have stopped their shows to comment on it. It's loud, unapologetic and pure joy. I work hard every day to try to get her to do it.  

Written By Accumula Collaborator
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