November 24, 2022

breathe friday

stop. take a deep breath. pause. 

step back from the whirlwind of today,  simply breathe with us for a moment. 

this time of year ushers in an onslaught of pressure to buy, buy, buy. buy quick, buy cheap, buy mindlessly.

this year, we are choosing to prioritize our values, and we value you! this year  we have a gift for you— no purchase necessary.

we want you to breathe a little easier this holiday season. we want you to be grounded in the present of what you truly want and need, instead of what you’re being told you should get. 

this is our gift to you, in partnership with our friends at the othership: a free 30-day membership to their wonderful guided breathwork app. use the code breatheeasy on android and follow this link for ios.

we hope this gift brings you clarity and calm this season.

our founder, maggie, would love to share some of the reasons behind our ethos.

a note from our founder:

we choose to buy things we love, that will last, from companies we believe in— and we encourage you to do the same.

 we are intentional when we are sourcing materials and creating our pieces. we have close working relationships with our craftspeople who turn our ideas into art. we use recycled gold and ethically-sourced stones so that you never have to question the story behind the sparkle. 

many of you have chosen to shop small, supporting your local businesses and those whose values align with your own— and for that we thank you.

wishing you much joy and love, and all those little moments of wonder that remind us of how very lucky we are.

with love + gratitude,


Written By Quinn McKerrow
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