May 30, 2023

the bluboho guide to a wedding ring-warming ceremony

if you're looking for a unique and meaningful ritual to incorporate into your wedding ceremony, look no further than the ring-warming ceremony. this is a poignant way to include your guests in the ceremony as supporters and well-wishers of your marriage.


the ring-warming ceremony has roots in a traditional irish wedding ritual. it invites each of your loved ones to “warm” the wedding rings, infusing them with their wishes, blessings, and support.

the ring-warming ceremony can be carried out by the officiant, a loved one, or the couple. we encourage you to make this ceremony your own with music, lighting a candle, or incorporating your own family or cultural traditions. 

  1. set the mood: before beginning, invite your guests to take a moment to reflect on why they have gathered to support you both today. explain that the rings will be passed around to each guest to be warmed before the ceremony begins.
  2. bind the rings: bind the wedding rings together with a ribbon, or place them together in a ring box, pouch, or jewelry box. as you tie the knot, visualize the love and energy of your community flowing into the rings, infusing them with good wishes for your marriage.

  3. warm the rings: starting at the back of the room and moving towards the front, pass the rings from person to person. as the rings are being passed, allow your chosen music to wash over the gathering, creating a romantic ambiance. guests can hold the rings and say a silent prayer, make a wish, or offer a personal blessing for your marriage before passing them to the next person. 

  4. conclude the ceremony: once all the guests have held the rings, the officiant can offer a final blessing or wish. carefully untie the ribbon or remove the rings from their vessel, and pass them to the ring bearer, ready for the wedding ceremony to begin.

  5. get married with your warmed, blessed wedding rings: your wedding rings are now infused with the love and support of your family and friends. wear them with intention, knowing that they carry the support of your community as you embark on your journey together as a married couple.



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Written By jasmin mcmullan
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