December 9, 2021

a rare rose-cut

are you seeking a soulful, antique-inspired sparkler? considered one of the oldest methods of shaping a gem, a rose-cut diamond is perfect for anyone wanting a rare piece of jewelry to showcase their unique taste.

in days past, these diamonds were first meant to shimmer by candlelight, offering each wearer a luminous, lasting glow. created in the 1500’s and most popular in the georgian era of the 1700s, the rose-cut has re-emerged as an ethereal alternative to more traditional diamond cuts. viewed from above, the facets resemble the sprawling petals of a bloomed rose, each unfurling outwards towards the edge of the stone. named in honour of its shape, it’s a truly interesting cut with a flat bottom and domed top containing anywhere from 3 to 24 facets. the flat bottom, with no pavilion (the conical underside of a typical diamond), creates a larger surface area for the stone’s brilliance, and this translucence allows a hint of the wearer's skin colour to shine through creating a warm, romantic radiance. while its lower profile makes it a very comfortable stone to wear, especially as a ring, the flat base also allows for more shape variations.

this cut remains relatively rare compared with brilliant cuts. however, as more people explore distinct alternatives to the common diamond cuts [hello lily collins!], the rose-cut offers a sublime, elegant and unexpected look of enduring appeal. bonus: it can be an affordable alternative to the popular round brilliant cuts.

here are a few of our rose-cut favourites...

like a supernova star, love has the power to ignite our luminous existence, unleashing our greatest potential. allow love to free your brightest light with our astra diamond ring. made with a unique rose-cut white diamond, diamond melee and recycled 14k yellow gold, this dainty diamond ring is a unique, galaxy-inspired piece of jewelry. a charming right hand ring, in celebration of anniversaries, birthdays and other meaningful milestones.

inspired by the cosmic phenomenon of the supernova, our astra necklace is an extraordinarily large version of our supernova necklace. featuring a rose-cut white diamond set in recycled 14k yellow gold, it’s a perfect way to celebrate and honour the potential that burns within.

for the person that holds your heart, gift our dainty gold diamond capella ring. made of 14k yellow, rose, or white recycled gold with one 5mm round ethically sourced white rose-cut diamond and twenty four ethically sourced brilliant white diamonds on halo, it makes an exquisite engagement ring.

created for those bound for greatness, our supernova earrings are made of 14k yellow recycled gold with a 4mm rose-cut ethically sourced white diamond centre (per earring). available as a pair or a single earring. shine on!

a trail of moonlight shimmers across the water's surface as the moon above twinkles in the night sky. like magic in the darkness, the sea and sky alight in a dance of luminosity and darkness with our moonglade hoops. a pave half eternity huggie of 2mm rose cut ethically sourced round white diamonds, the moonglade hoop is the perfect companion to, and the earring version of our iconic moonglade ring.

breathe out, close your eyes and allow your mind the space to rest. harnessing inner sight requires patience and attention, revealing the hidden truths and knowledge within. our eternal gaze charm is crafted of 14k recycled yellow gold with one ethically sourced rose-cut diamond and three ethically sourced brilliant cut diamonds. a meaningful gift of protection, wisdom and achievement.

the red rose whispers of passion,
and the white rose breathes of love;
o, the red rose is a falcon,
and the white rose is a dove.

but I send you a cream-white rosebud
with a flush on its petal tips;
for the love that is purest and sweetest
has a kiss of desire on the lips.

Written By Heather Bunt
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