October 31, 2018

beloved love: amanda and danielle


two of the same, amanda and danielle have the most unique and fun beloved story. they both met with us in secret, they both bought the same beloved ring and they both had the most romantic proposals ever.

we couldn't wait to share their love story with you!


tell us your proposal story!?

danielle: amanda and i became very serious right away. it was very quick that we knew we wanted to marry, buy a house, have a baby... all of the above! amanda is always doing for others, and i just knew that i needed to surprise her with a magical engagement, she deserved that. amanda started mentioning proposing to me, and i knew i had to hold her off, so i told her "not until 2019", "not until 2019". to my knowledge at the time, amanda respected this and we would hold off until 2019. meanwhile... i had been visiting the bluboho store on yonge and working with sweet sweet maddie, on the ring of amanda’s dreams. the back-and-forth’s with maddie and bluboho were so fun for me, the process was just magical. after i proposed i learned that amanda had also been working with sweet, sweet maddie to design the same ring for me, which was to be ready for pick up about two weeks after hers! poor maddie was working with amanda and i at the same time. we later laughed with maddie and the team about how incredible she was in keeping our beautiful process a secret! she did such a great job, although im sure she had many sleepless nights!


what is the most symbolic aspect of your engagement ring from bluboho? why did you pick the ring you chose? 

amanda and danielle: we have always purchased our jewelry for each other from bluboho so when it came to sourcing and creating the perfect engagement ring for one another it was a no-brainer, they just so happened to be the exact same ring without one another knowing it. we both fell in love with the mon coeur, mon âme for so many reasons! mon coeur est a vous: a french promise meaning, “my heart is yours and belongs only to you.” perfectly explains it. we are huge believers and collectors of gemstones and crystals and the symbolism behind the white sapphire “wisdom, providing inspiration, intuition, and integrity on your lifelong journey together” was perfect! we have been through our own individual journeys that brought us to one another at the perfect time in our lives. we can both confidently say that our hearts have found their home.



think back: how did you describe your partner to your best friend after you had your first date? 

amanda: refreshing… 100%. danielle has this presence about her and the moment she walked into fresh on crawford it was like i was hit with a wall of familiarity. it felt like i had experienced this exact person’s presence at that exact moment in a previous life.  she was guarded and protective of her heart which is whole-heartedly respected. i knew i would marry her. or at least i would try!

danielle: passionate! amanda has a way of uplifting those around her, simply by her presence. she is so amazing at spinning negative vibes into positive ones for herself, and those smart enough to listen to her and take in the information that she is so passionate about explaining. she has such a fresh perspective on life and love. she does absolutely everything with 100% positive intentions, and she is the kindest and most selfless person i have ever met. these were all qualities that i felt right off the bat, and continue to amaze me every single day.


top city (or country) you have traveled together, and why? 

amanda and danielle: tobermory! it’s where we got engaged!




one thing you both have on a bucket list? 

amanda and danielle: living a limitless life together!


if you could relive one moment of your wedding/engagement what moment would you chose?

danielle: i got down on one knee, on a large rock in the middle of mermaids cove, holding a beautiful ring and looking up at the most beautiful person i know. to see her reaction, i would live over and over, and over again!

amanda: we were in beautiful tobermory when this all happened! i knew no one and was dying to grab a physical person and just say “we are engaged”!! after we left mermaids cove we went to this little souvenir shop to buy something with a mermaid on it for our home. there were these two lovely ladies at the cash and i was so excited to tell them. they were bursting with joy for us and it was so special! reliving the moment of how proud i was to tell the whole world i am hers… was magical!


what was the best advice your parents gave you about relationships? 

amanda: never go to bed angry and always communicate, even when you feel like you might be struggling to do so. my mom always asks me “do you tell danielle how much you love her? she deserves that!” … i do mom, i promise! every single day!

danielle: never lose yourself. your partner should enhance your best qualities and bring out your smile. after dating amanda for only a few short weeks, i remember my mom saying, "you've got your smile back".


was there a pivotal moment in your relationship that made you realize it was the real thing? 

amanda: christmas eve, 2016. i attached a red balloon to a chunk of rose quartz with a cheesy letter inside asking her if she was interested in making it “official”. she not only checked yes… she turned it into a “hell yes”. danielle does everything with passion and is either all in or all out. she is and always will be my love story.

danielle: the ups and the downs. we have the best time together and laugh until we fall down. we have also been through a lot of losses, in which we have been so incredibly strong for one another. being able to experience these times together and transparently has affirmed that she is who i want to spend the rest of my life with.



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Written By Accumula Collaborator
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