Tie Dye Peace fully Earring - 14k Yellow Gold


Peace in your heart, peace in your world.

  • 14k recycled gold
  • sold as a single and pair option
  • handmade locally in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho

We all have an inner flower child inside us, guiding us towards good vibes and earthly connections. They have said that peace is the key to the mind’s true liberation, and we happen to agree. When we devote our life to harmony and understanding, then sympathy and love abound.
Our tie dye peace fully earring is a tiny stud that carries a big message. It calls on us all to spread our love and light to all those we come into contact with. These peace earrings connect us to those who are likeminded and share our visions for the future: a place where we can all understand each other and we are free to be whoever we want to be. Our tie dye peace fully earring should transport you to the radical love movement born out of San Francisco in the late 60s. cosmic connection and human acceptance were embraced and charged with meaning: love not hate, peace not war. These peace earrings catch the California sun and transport you to the cool, vibrant streets of the love revolution. Peace sign earrings have a vintage and retro feel that connects you to the precious history of love. Their small round shape makes the gold stud earrings resemble the earth, giving you a relationship to the soil and sky that surround us. This history of the peace symbol, like that featured on our tie dye peace fully earrings peace earrings, was started in the 1960s in Britain as a signifier for the anti-war movement. Its creator says that the symbol was invented as a way to help him out of despair and into hopefulness. He said is was representative of a person bowing with hands outstretched, seeking hope and love, and enveloped in a circle representing the earth. In order to keep in line with your commitment to sustainability and ethics, bluboho always uses 100% recycled gold to make all of our gold earrings for women and gold jewellery Toronto. By using 14k rose gold or yellow gold when crafting these 14k gold peace sign earrings, we not only make it possible for everyone to find their perfect handmade pair of studs, but we also ensure that nothing is being taken from the earth that doesn’t need to be. We are able to preserve pristine wilderness and irreplaceable landscapes by harnessing the ample supply of top-quality gold that has already begun its life as womens gold rings. Using recycled gold in no way compromises on the quality of our gold stud earrings for women: this is because gold is a metal that is designed to be melted down and re-cast into new shapes. Our Tie Dye Peace Fully Earring is designed by us, handmade, and always made locally. Producing locally ensures the highest quality 14k gold earrings that you can find in jewelry stores toronto, allowing you to enjoy and share in the wonder of these rose gold heart earrings for years to come—possibly this tie dye peace earring will become a precious heirloom that you pass down to future generations of friends. Because we know that a commitment to wellbeing doesn’t stop at ourselves but rather extends into our role as a caretaker and safeguard of this whole precious and irreplaceable planet that we call home, bluboho earrings will always be made from recycled metal. This means that we never have to compromise on either quality or ethics when it comes to our 14k gold earrings. Finding handmade jewelry Toronto has never been a better way to tie your worldview and commitment to peace and love to the jewelry that holds a special meaning in your life. The Tie Dye Peace Fully Earring makes the world a little brighter every time you wear it. You can browse our collection of limited-edition tie dye pieces, which features our Tie Dye Peace Fully Earring and many more touching pieces that centre peace and connection. Our handmade Tie Dye Peace Fully Earring is available on our online store, or in any of our three locations around Toronto. The bluboho team is always available to connect you with the perfect stud to tell your story. Additionally, our bluboho team will always be ready and keen to assist with online inquiries and questions. We promise to connect you with that perfect piece, such as the Tie Dye Peace Fully Earring. Shopping for a special gift? This little stud is perfect for a friend or loved one who brings peace and celebration into your life.