Tie Dye Insight Earring - 14k Yellow Gold, Blue Sapphire


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Designed to evoke a compass rose, which denotes the cardinal directions. This piece represents guidance, direction + enlightenment on your path.
Just like you, the sapphires are unique from piece to piece and may vary in colour from those photographed. 
  • 14k recycled yellow gold
  • sold as a single and pair option
  • ethically sourced Montana blue sapphires, approx. 3mm
  • handmade locally in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho

Sapphires have long been held as one of the greatest companions for anyone setting out on a journey. They have been called the “traveller’s protector” for their ability to give light and insight to those who are looking for new experiences—whether that be from adventuring through new land or a journey through your own heart. We made the tie dye insight earrings with a design based on the four points of a compass. With a centre sapphire acting as your protection, these earrings encourage you to follow the voice within as it guides you on your own path. When we give way to following our instincts, we find ourselves living the most authentically with the most bravery. To honour the guiding power of the sapphire, our tie dye insight earrings brings the central beauty of a singular stone and harnesses beauty into these natural sapphire earrings. Our tie dye insight earrings’ simplicity and natural charm will reflect the uniqueness of your own soul. Let the guiding power of the sapphire lead your insight on its natural path. These gold studs are inspired by the four points of a compass. Always pointing north, guiding you on, the insight sapphire earrings seek to bring out your best instincts, as they will always be the best influence in your life. Set in 14k recycled gold, the tie dye insight earrings hold one brilliant cut round montana sapphire in a halo of shining metal. We source our sapphires from a very special mine in on the Missouri River in Montana. By using these expertly cut “artist” sapphires, we are able to cut down on transportation and feel good knowing that these gorgeous stones are from a place close to our home and to our heart—something which is so important for sapphire earrings canada. Our blue sapphire earrings are an ode to the staggering beauty of the earth and as such were sourced with kindness and love. The tie dye earrings were made with earring stacking in mind. An “earring stack” refers to a style of wearing your earrings with many different studs, hoops, threaders, and cuffs on each of your ears in order to create a composition of jewelry that tells a story. We say that nothing compliments a bright smile like a sparkling collection of dainty jewelry. Depending on how many piercings you have, you can curate your ear stack differently. We know that everyone will come to tell their ear story in their own way, but we do have a few pearls of wisdom to impart onto those who are looking for ways to create the ultimate Canadian made jewelry look. Our tie dye insight earrings are an encouragement to celebrate how far you’ve come in life. That is why we always direct guests who are shopping for a graduation present or birthday gift to these gold earrings. They can be a symbol of achievement, marking the journey that someone you love has passed through and can also give them hope for the future. These 14k gold stud earrings make a fantastic gift to give to yourself. We believe that gifting yourself is an earnest way to foster a sense of self-confidence and admiration for the brilliant person that you are. Especially because, who else’s insight matters as much as yours? Bluboho is devoted to creating sustainable Tie Dye Insight Earrings, so all bluboho earrings use ethically sourced gold, connecting you to mama earth each time you wear these 14k gold earrings. This commitment to sustainability goes beyond the materials we use in our handmade jewelry toronto. The tie dye insight earrings are aligned with not only your style, but also your ethics. By trying to be one of the most community-oriented producers of fine jewelry Toronto has, we work directly with master jewelers and goldsmiths right here in the city we call home. We know that jewelry is so much more than a mere object: it can create a full, rich community. Everything, including our real sapphire earrings, is produced locally at jewelry stores toronto. Supporting Toronto arts and crafts industries through 14k gold stud earrings is such an important way for us to foster a true sense of community and to infuse this sapphire stud with human connection. Through our local production practices, we are also able to make the highest possible quality 14k gold stud earrings—meaning that our tie dye insight earrings are sure to hold a special place in your life for years to come.