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Theophany Ring

Sofia Zakia

14k Yellow Gold, White Diamond, Emerald

Inspired by the playful and atmospheric soundscapes of composer Theophany in Deku Palace, this wonderous piece is intended to evoke the ambient chords and sense of being in the palace grounds of a woodland kingdom, with a flora and fauna crown atom healing emeralds. 

This piece is a special order, we are having it made just for you so please allow 6-8 weeks for production and delivery. 

If you want to know what sizes we have in stock, or to see if we can get it to you by a certain date, please email us at guestexperience@bluboho.com and we'll be happy to work with you!

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"Faithfulness to oneself + others A time-honoured classic, diamonds have proven themselves the stone of inspiration, creativity, and enlightenment. Their ability to ignite our intuition allows us the perspective needed to remain everlastingly devoted to a single love for the whole of our lives while remaining true to ourselves. Diamonds will always be a symbol of our most cherished bonds, and they are also the April birthstone."
"Unconditional love + Patience Emeralds, the May birthstone, are said to be one of the stones most connect to our earth. They encourage growth, reflection, peace, and patience—the pillars of nature and life. Many emeralds promote healing and fertility, while their verdant tones symbolize an unwavering bond. To hold an emerald is to gain a connection with Mother Earth herself."
Besides giving sparkle, shine, and glamour to any look, gold has many deeper beneficial properties. It is associated with illumination, love, compassion, passion, and wisdom. Gold is also a metal that promotes trust while bringing the promises of wealth, fidelity, and prosperity.
  • 14k yellow gold
  • featuring three 3mm natural emeralds, 2 pearls and 6 sparkling white diamonds approx 1.2mm
  • handmade in Montreal
  • by Sofia Zakia