Dainty Grey Diamond Theia Evil Eye Ring - 14k Yellow Gold


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Bring clarity, grace and strength with you when you wear our 14k dainty gold Theia Evil Eye ring.

Seek your deepest truths and embrace your fullest potential. We have reimagined the all-seeing eye, a talisman of enduring appeal that transcends cultures and generations, as a contemporary symbol of clarity, strength, and grace. Our ring is created in 14k recycled gold with an ethically sourced rustic grey diamond eye plucked from the Canadian starry skies and surrounded with etched rays of light.

in times of new beginnings, new travels, and embracing new dreams, our theia evil eye ring is a symbol of clarity, strength and grace to bring with you wherever your journey leads you. this dainty gold ring is our reimagined talisman of the all-seeing eye. it’s a symbol we love, as its meaning transcends cultures and generations, bringing with it protection to all that is beautiful. find yourself in places of beauty and love bringing this ray of golden light into every situation. as you continue to seek your deepest truths and embrace your fullest potential know your beauty and heart are protected as you take your dainty gold ring with you. in places of vulnerability, when true one-of-a-kind beauty can be seen, be protective of those moments. the moments shared with another’s true self, the moments of embracing all that something has to offer, and the moments of self-discovery; protect these moments. hold them close to your heart. as you learn more about the unique beauty within you and all you have to offer the world and all the world has to offer back, be guided with grace, clarity and strength. let our theia evil eye minimal ring be such a symbol that you are protected and loved, that you dive deeper into the life waiting for you.

our made for you, dainty ring was named after the greek goddess theia, the goddess of sight and the shinning ether of the bright blue sky. our reimagined talisman brings together sight and strength, giving clarity and grace wherever you take your dainty gold ring. with an ethically sourced rustic grey diamond eye, plucked from the canadian starry skies, it serves as your beautiful dainty ring to wear into all travels and warranted under any occasion. adorn yourself in the brilliance of the 14k gold modern ring, with etched rays of light mirroring the clear and transparent beauty found in you. be guided with clarity and strength as your journey continues to walk you into your fullest potential.

  • 14k recycled yellow gold
  • 2.8mm ethically sourced rose cut grey diamond centre stone 
  • handmade locally in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho