Kite Ring - 14k Rose Gold Lavender Sapphire


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We are all kites soaring through the open sky, searching for rainbows, dancing in clouds, chasing the sun and its life-giving majesty. The certainty in our hearts allows us to fly on the wind while remained grounded to our ties on the earth. Rather than shy away from the elements, the kite teaches us to thrive within the elements and use nature’s force to uplift us rather than blow us down. The kite ring features a vivacious lavender sapphire housed in a diamond silhouette, punctuated with 14k rose gold mil-grain detailing, giving this nimble piece the perfect composition to be stacked alongside curved and cuff rings.

    • 14k recycled rose gold with a 1.5mm ethically sourced lavender sapphire
    • handmade locally in toronto
    • exclusive to bluboho
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