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guardian ear cuff

guardian ear cuff



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rose gold

many were surprised at how steadfast and secure our ear cuffs are, which is why we gave them the title of 'guardian'. as these 14k cuffs hold strongly to your ear, they act as a reminder of inner strength and affirm that both in times of trouble and times of joy you have the power to be your own guardian. find solace in your self-worth by adding this tenacious piece to your ear story.

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  • 14k recycled rose gold
  • sold as a single cuff
  • handmade locally in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho
  • to shop the Guardian Ear Cuff in Yellow Gold click here
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Shelagh E.
verified buyer
I love my ear cuff. The delicate design is exactly what I was looking for. It came in just a few days and was beautifully packaged. Highly recommended.

Carleigh J.
verified buyer
what a neat way to spice up your ear constellation! i have a stud in my conch, adding the ring cuff gives me the best of both worlds! however, this would definitely look amazing on anyone with any earring combo or even on someone with no piercings. It sits snug so you don't have to worry about losing it (though as a paranoid person i still check for it from time to time! lol) i'll be coming back for another so I can stack them once i've saved up a bit ;)

Claire M.
verified buyer
Fits great, very comfortable!

Samuel B.
verified buyer
She absolutely loves it and loves you guys! Keep up the good work, we’ll always try and support local businesses!

Larissa N.
verified buyer
I bought my 2 daughters the Guardian Ear Cuff in Rose Gold and they absolutely LOVED them!!! Simple, dainty and beautifully made. Buying Canadian products is important to us also. Well done!!!!

Shannon V.
verified buyer
This didn’t come with any instructions and maybe it’s just the shape of my ear, but this is REALLY a struggle to get on. It is cute once it’s on!
Store Owner
such valuable feedback for us, shannon. thank you so so much! I suggest giving the cuff a little open, push onto your ear at the top, slide it down until it stops/where you want to wear it and then squeezing it. this will help secure your beautiful 10k rose gold guardian ear cuff. xo!

Ashley F.
verified buyer
I absolutely love it, but maybe it’s my ear shape, I’m having a hard time getting it on. I’m going to try opening it a bit to see if that helps, otherwise I’m not sure what else to do. But it is beautifully made and so dainty/gorgeous.
Store Owner
hi ashley, thank you for your sweet words!! yes - you've got it, if the cuff's opening is a smidge too small, we suggest gently opening the cuff enough to slide it onto you ear while still being secure enough to stay on while wearing. we also have a super handy IGTV on our instagram with tips on how to put on our ear cuffs!


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