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avata key necklace

avata key necklace



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In the middle ages in Scandinavia, keys were worn by women as talismans of their own power and autonomy. Staking their claim in the world, this practice created the image of a woman who is the gatekeeper of her own domain, controlling access to both her home, her property, and her heart. We cast this piece from an antique charm to act as a symbol of a self-reliant and independent woman, one who revels in her worth and knows that she alone will be the one to unlock her freedom.

  • 14k recycled rose gold
  • 18" in length
  • Handmade in Toronto
  • Exclusive to bluboho
  • to shop the avata key necklace in yellow gold click here.
by bluboho
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Melissa A.
verified buyer
I recently received the Avata key necklace and signet ring both in rose gold for a birthday gift. They are absolutely beautiful and am so pleased with these pieces! I surely will be back again to see what's new in store! Can't wait!😄
Store Owner
happy belated birthday, to you! what an amazing way to celebrate :)

Devika M.
verified buyer
The piece is delicate, minimal, lovely. I assumed from the pictures that the key pendant would be slightly larger than it is; it's so tiny you can barely tell there is text on the pendant (imprint saying "love" if you really take a close look) but it is still beautiful. Looks better stacked than on it's own.
Store Owner
I’m so happy to hear that you love your avata key necklace! it definitely looks amazing in a stack - my favourite piece to pair with it is the honeysuckle necklace, it’s the perfect compliment to a pendant style necklace! thank you for your note about the size of the piece - we always try to ensure our imagery is reflective of the size of the piece so we appreciate your feedback on this.


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