Revelry Ring


14k Gold, Black Diamond


Yellow Gold
White Gold
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In astrology, the fifth house is the House of Pleasure. We designed this elegant band with five black diamonds to dare us to seek out all of the joy, creativity, and bliss that the fifth house can bring. Dedicate each bold stone to something that brings you pleasure, or add the Revelry Ring to your stack to remind you to always strive to find the people, places, and experiences that feed your unique happiness so that you can share that light with others.

black diamond
Black Diamond
Faithfulness to oneself + others. The depth of a black diamond knows no bounds, and gazing into this stone allows us to reflect on our inner truths. Self-reflection is a lifelong task but black diamonds, with their confidence of colour and sheer strength, give us the courage to do so. Diamonds will always be a symbol of our most cherished bonds
white gold
White Gold
For the modern classic. White gold is associated with sincerity and innovation, making it a metal perfectly suited for keeping lifelong relationships spontaneous, spirited, and loving.
yellow gold
Yellow Gold
For the traditionalist. No other metal matches the luxury and warmth of yellow gold. It is closest in colour to pure gold. Besides giving sparkle, shine, and glamour to any look, gold has many deeper beneficial properties. It is associated with illumination, love, compassion, passion, and wisdom.
  • 14k recycled yellow or white gold
  • five ethically sourced black diamonds
  • handmade locally in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho