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polaris enamel pendant

polaris enamel pendant

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The Story

the north star, otherwise known as polaris, is said to be an eternal guide on our journeys. the dream state polaris enamel pendant encourages us to follow our north star in pursuit of our most boundless of dreams, for anything that can be dreamt can be realized and created.

this flip pendant has a hand-enameled 14k yellow gold face that spins to reveal two striking cosmic motifs. on one side, the ursa minor constellation is set within a skyscape of enchanting midnight blue enamel. on the other, an engraved compass is adorned with a diamond center to represent your very own north star.

discover all dream state enamel pieces and celebrate achievement and nurture dreams.

  • 14k recycled yellow gold
  • length: 18"
  • handmade midnight blue enamel
  • round brilliant diamonds
  • exclusive to bluboho

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how to amplify this energy:stargazing, notice synchronicity, look out for signs from the universe
stones:diamond, sapphires, clear quartz, rose quartz
amulets:dream state pieces, cosmic love
energy centre:crown of head
the cosmoscosmic love, devotion, awe-inspiring oneness

the vast cosmos answers the call of our beating hearts, representing our intuition, vision, and passion. through the eyes of the cosmos, we can see the stardust that made our matter, feel the gravity of our auras, and marvel at the burning star of our souls’ synchronicity. when this card finds you, know that the love you channel and exude is born from a cosmic alignment of the highest order, a force that will surge through the ever-expanding universe forever.

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