One of a Kind Soirée Moss Aquamarine Ring - 14 Yellow Gold, Moss Aquamarine


Moss aquamarine inspires success. Carrying the power of the ocean, aquamarine is often called the "Courage Stone" or the "treasure of mermaids." It was carried by sailors to ensure safe passage through treacherous voyages. Wear this soirée ring, a moss aquamarine stone embraced in 10k solid recycled gold and 14k band, to strengthen your confidence, self expression and individuality.

    • 14k yellow gold
    • one naturally shaped, ethically sourced moss aquamarine set in a 10k bezel with a 14k faceted band
    • handmade locally in Toronto
    • exclusive to bluboho

    Please note that these are limited edition and one of a kind pieces. Each ring is unique a looks different than the next. Each band is handcrafted to suit the size and shape of the stone and cannot be resized.

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