Goddess Travel Pin Set


Enamel, Metal


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Together Abeona, Goddess of outward journeys, protects us as we embark upon life’s adventures while Adiona, the Goddess of safe return, reminds us that the journey home can be as transformative as any departure.

Take these with you as you embark on your next adventure. Or share one with someone you love, and keep the other  letting them know they have a place in your heart until they return. Just cut down the dotted line, perfect to share love even when far apart.

Every time you look at these pins, be reminded that travel opens the soul.

  • special limited edition & designed by us!
  • white and blue enamel
  • metal butterfly backing for closure 
  • includes two pins: the goddess of abeona &  the goddess of adiona
  • each pin approx. 1" in height & 0.75" in width 
  • exclusive to bluboho