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endless ocean blue sapphire necklace

endless ocean blue sapphire necklace

yellow gold

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The Story

our endless ocean blue sapphire pendant is a talisman that encourages us to appreciate the ocean for all the life force she gives to us. the ocean sees in you an endless intuition, just like her own, and calls to you to explore her every shade of blue. delicate and feminine, sapphires fan out in a graduated ombré of varying shades of blue, making each piece unique. 

  • 14k recycled yellow gold
  • five 2mm round brilliant sapphires
  • adjustable length 15" and 16"
  • exclusive to bluboho
  • handmade locally in Toronto

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how to amplify this energy:
watch the water, swim, bathe, prioritize self-care
blue sapphire, pearl, grey diamond, turquoise, amazonite
wisdom of water, oceana shell, blue lagoon, lobster, sand dollar, renewal pearl, rippling wave, moonlit wave, endless ocean, shark tooth
energy centre:
the ocean
wisdom of water

there is much we can learn from the wisdom of water: to move with fluidity, bend and flow, rise and heal. the ocean archetype, in its unbridled power and wisdom, reminds us that in our cells, we too are made of water. when faced with an immovable obstacle, turn like the tides to create a new path; when you doubt your strength, trust in the natural currents of your soul. when this card finds you, take it as a sign to embody the wisdom of water. remember, with strength and softness you can create great change, floating with ease through life’s journey.

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