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Endless Dahlia Ring - 14k Yellow Gold, White Sapphire


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in the victorian era, a lover would offer a single dahlia flower to their partner as a gift which symbolises their unbreakable bond, eternal commitment, and loving devotion. to receive a dahlia from the one you love is to receive a flower that acts as the crystallization of time and value, of a life spent together and the future to come. the endless dahlia ring draws inspiration from the flower’s two-toned petals, with a richly coloured montana white sapphire. this simple band is then sprinkled with pear and round white brilliant cut diamonds that allow the vibrancy of the centre stone to shine.  

  • 14k yellow, rose, or white recycled gold
  • one ethically sourced round white sapphire
  • two ethically sourced pear white diamonds
  • two ethically sourced round white diamonds 
  • handmade locally in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho

* each ethically sourced white sapphire is a one of a kind piece, therefore each sapphire will vary slightly from photo

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