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cosmic evil eye enamel necklace

cosmic evil eye enamel necklace

yellow gold

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The Story

crafted to to guide, protect, and empower you through new journeys, the cosmic evil eye enamel necklace is the meeting point of the cosmic forces that watch over you. with celestial icons above and earthly symbols below— a guiding north star, a crescent moon to signify new phases, a serpent for revival, and a hand of hamsa to welcome in abundance— the cosmic evil eye enamel necklace is a statement piece filled with meaning.
  • 14k recycled gold
  • white diamonds, emerald, pink and lavender sapphires
  • handmade off white enamel
  • adjustable length: 18” and 20”
  • exclusive to bluboho

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evil eye
how to amplify this energy:
trust your intuition, cleanse your space, burn incense
white and grey diamond, sapphire, green tsavorite garnet, turquoise
visionary evil eye, watchful evil eye, mystical evil eye, ayla evil eye, theia evil eye, eternal gaze evil eye, tsavorite mystical evil eye
energy centre:
crown of head
the evil eye
protection, intuition, talisman

though this world is filled with mysteries and wild unknowns, we can always take heart in the tangible protection of the evil eye. worn for centuries as a shield from unseen dangers, the evil eye is a guiding force that keeps us on the right path. we turn to this potent icon for protection, but in truth, it simply transmutes our own inner powers, tapping into our deepest reserves of intuition. when this card finds you, know that you are watched over and protected. ask yourself this: what adventures will you seek, knowing you will be kept safe? what will you do, knowing that even if you fail, you will gain strength, wisdom, and fearlessness?

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