coco gold bead bracelet - 14k Yellow Gold, Nylon

Nylon Colour:

A classic named after Coco Chanel, no bracelet understands longevity quite like the Coco bracelet. Much like the journal you keep, the Coco moves with you constantly over the years, capturing each memory in its yellow gold beads, witnessing the joy, longing, and wonder of ordinary life. The lasting nylon cord offers a cozy yet elegant fit on any wrist, making it a trusted piece for the everyday adventurer. Imagine each bead representing a moment, which when strung together can signify an entire lifetime.

  • 14k yellow gold 
  • 2mm 14k gold beads 
  • grey nylon
  • fully adjustable nylon closure 
  • by Hortense
  • handmade in Los Angeles
  • to shop the coco gold bead bracelet in rose gold click here.

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