Limited Edition Spirituelle Multi Colour Trail Curve Ring - 14k Yellow Gold, Precious Gems


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from the camilla collection

Inspired by our muse and her journey, woven with discovery, it is a celebration of her adventurous heart. Travel is a gift that allows us to learn about our deepest selves. With 7 colours, and 7 continents this array of colour brings us the wonders of our travels at a single glance.

Each round stone represents your spirit as you grow and learn through travel. The spirituelle trail curve ring displays an array of colours reminding you of where you have been while you have traveled your world. Using the ethically sourced tsavorite garnet, emerald, different coloured sapphires, and ruby, this 14k recycled yellow gold ring brings your experiences with you on your journey through life.
  • 14k recycled yellow gold
  • one tsavorite garnet, one emerald, four multi-coloured sapphires, and one ruby, all ethically sourced
  • handmade in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho