Limited Edition Spirituelle Drop Earring - 14k Yellow Gold, Green and Pink Sapphire


from the camilla collection

summer 2019 capsule collection while quantities last

Inspired by our muse and her journey, woven with discovery, it is a celebration of her
adventurous heart. Travel is a gift that allows us to learn about our deepest selves. With 7
colours, and 7 continents this array of colour brings us the wonders of our travels at a single glance.

Two round sapphires suspended by a gold chain to represent your spirit as you grow and learn through travel. Travel, a gift that allows us to learn about our most deepest selves. The two sapphires are connected with a 14k gold chain, carrying your growth and learnings from your travel with you wherever you go.

all earrings are final sale
  • 14k yellow recycled gold
  • one ethically sourced green sapphire
  • one ethically sourced  pink sapphire
  • each earring comes with a silicone, butterfly backing
  • handmade in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho

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