Limited Edition Elemental Triangle Chain Earring


14k Yellow Gold


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from the camilla collection

summer 2019 capsule collection while quantities last

Inspired by our muse and her journey, woven with discovery, it is a celebration of her adventurous heart. Travel is a gift that allows us to learn about our deepest selves. With 7 colours, and 7 continents this array of colour brings us the wonders of our travels at a single glance.

A symbol of the elements, we have reimagined the triangle through the lens of travel and how our adventures enhance our spirit through our: courage, passion and curiosity. With a green sapphire nestled in triangular detailing of 14k yellow gold, this chain stud adds the movement of your travels to your every day earring look.
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green sapphire
Green Sapphire
Tranquility + Patience. Green sapphires are a highly grounded gem, making them the stone of tranquility. Connecting us with earthly energy, they encourage respect, tolerance, and patience while reminding us that with every ending comes a new and hopeful beginning.
yellow gold
Yellow Gold
For the traditionalist. No other metal matches the luxury and warmth of yellow gold. It is closest in colour to pure gold. Besides giving sparkle, shine, and glamour to any look, gold has many deeper beneficial properties. It is associated with illumination, love, compassion, passion, and wisdom.
  • 14k yellow recycled gold
  • one ethically sourced green sapphire 
  • handmade in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho