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One of a Kind Heartsease Dahlia

beloved by bluboho

14k Rose Gold, Peach Sapphire, White Diamond


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You have found the person whose presence has the power to put you completely at ease, the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with. Your souls are bound together in a love that brings out your best selves. the 14k rose gold band and gentle peach sapphire of our heartsease dahlia ring capture the warmth emanating from your hearts, making it the perfect token for the one who brings peace to your mind and joy to your journey.

Please note that this is a limited edition and one of a kind piece. There is only one of this ring; once it is sold it will no longer be available.

If you want to know more about this ring, have inquiries about sizing or to find out which shop it is located at to see it in person, please email us at guestexperience@bluboho.com and we'll be happy to work with you!

Faithfulness to oneself + others. A time-honoured classic, diamonds have proven themselves the stone of inspiration, creativity, and enlightenment. Their ability to ignite our intuition allows us the perspective needed to remain everlastingly devoted to a single love for the whole of our lives while remaining true to ourselves. Diamonds will always be a symbol of our most cherished bonds, and they are also the April birthstone.
peach sapphire
Peach Sapphire
Romance + Beauty. Peach sapphires have long been known as the gem of pure hearts and minds. Their pale sunset tones bring an air of romance and feminine beauty to any precious piece, all the while reminding us that we must do everything in life with the whole of our hearts.
  • 14k rose gold
  • one 5.4mm peach sapphire, double prongs, approx. 0.64 carats
  • two pear white diamonds and two round brilliant white diamonds on band, VS, F-G, approx. 0.13ct
  • handmade locally in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho