Episode 6: char san pedro

December 14, 2021

Maggie Aurocco, the co-founder of bluboho jewelry looks to broaden the band on how we look at relationships. She explores the concept in every sense - personal, intimate, and business relationships as well as our relationship with the environment and even our ourselves. We live in a world where everything is so deeply interconnected,  Maggie is looking to uncover how we can learn from each other's interactions and how we as humans can have a positive imprint in all of our relationships. 

Today Maggie talks with Char San Pedro. 

Char San Pedro (she/her/we) is a friend, intersectional feminist, humanitarian, social entrepreneur, gender equity advocate, community-builder, orator, and writer.


Char serves as the founder of nonprofit GOOD TO BE GOOD: a grassroots, community-led humanitarian and advocacy organization serving diverse, underserved, and marginalized women, girls, gender diverse-folks, and their communities while actively advocating for gender equity and issues affecting made-vulnerable populations. The nonprofit’s mission-driven initiatives mobilize critical funds and awareness, which invest in social services and community-focused programming. She has led projects and campaigns focused on building solidarity and empowerment through bottom-up approaches and mobilization. As a committed leader and student of life, Char demonstrates an aptitude for visionary thinking and compassionate, values-driven leadership—the kind responsible for driving connection-centered service while cultivating effective and meaningful environments for people.

Char’s advocacy supports communities in addressing social needs, creating a kinder and equitable society, and advancing the empowerment and rights of women and girls who have experienced gender-based violence, systemic inequities, and injustices. 


@sanpedrochar and @goodtobegoodfoundation

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