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Let us work with you throughout your engagement ring consultation on finding your beloved by bluboho engagement ring or wedding band to create a promise that ties all of who you and your partner are together, unifying two dynamic stories to create a strengthened future. Whether moments take you near or far, our beloved by bluboho engagement rings are the beautiful milestone in your story that creates a spark for the future. We want the your ring to speak to you and be a complete reflection of who you both are.



Our  beloved by bluboho engagement rings capture the attention of anyone who beholds them. Memories and feelings translate into the present with just a glance, bringing your story with you wherever you go and whatever you are doing. Using our brilliant selection of diamonds and sapphires, you can find the colour, shape, size and cut, that best reflects your hearts for each other. From our ethically sourced selection of diamonds which are cut gently to fit the mold and setting of your engagement ring, to our plethora of sapphires reflecting one of a kind colours to match your unique story.



Our one of a kind beloved by bluboho engagement rings are designed and handcrafted around handpicked diamonds and sapphires. We design a dainty gold setting and band to perfectly compliment the one of a kind gem.

We use locally and ethically sourced sapphires and diamonds for our one of a kind beloved by bluboho engagement rings. They captivate with their uniqueness. Each of our designer sapphire engagement rings are one of a kind, as no two sapphires have the same colouring, and our settings are handcrafted around each individual stone.
Engagement sapphires come in an array of colours, and throughout history have forever been associated with sacred things, keeping your love tie blessed, revered, cherished and admired by all. We have white, blue, purple, teal, and champagne, sapphire engagement rings. Sapphires rate second to diamonds on the hardness scale and will withstand the test of time, creating the perfect centrepiece for your one of a kind dainty engagement ring. A forever reminder of the strength created in balance of two coming together in beauty and uniqueness for your eternal love. You’re better together. 



Your love, it is kismet. Your beautiful and passionate commitment to each other has brought you here to celebrate a milestone, a milestone that says now and forever. We want to find you the perfect ring with our complimentary wedding band consultation that carries your passion, adventure, and unity of your ever beautiful love. The best gift we can give somebody is truly ourselves and as you make a commitment of love and vulnerability we want to find a beautiful wedding band that justly shares your story in anticipation of your future with your beloved. As you fully engage yourself in this journey through life together, we would be humbled to be included in this part of your story, interlocking the brilliant and vulnerable symbol of a one a kind love with your someone, with a wedding band that transcends time but finds grounding in the story of its creation and its creator.



What to Expect at an Appointment  

We love that you are here and would like to schedule a complimentary engagement ring consultation with you and our beloved jewelry consultant specialist. Whether you book an in-person and online beloved engagement ring consultation, you will be paired with one of our beloved by bluboho engagement ring experts, trained by our production team and gemology specialists to help you in finding the most beautiful forever engagement ring for your forever love.

When you come for your engagement ring consultation appointment to find your Canadian engagement ring, you will have the chance to dream with us about the piece that you want to represent your love. Our jewelry consultants will be there to answer any questions that you may have throughout this part of your journey. We show you every cut, colour and style of stone, and ring settings that we carry so that you can discover which ring speaks to you and your unique love story.


What to Bring to Your Appointment

A smile! We’re so excited to get to know you and humbled to be a part of your journey.


How much does it cost?

Our beloved appointments are 100% complementary!


Why bluboho?

Let’s find a ring that will carry your love story with you forever. We are experts in creating classic and unique engagement rings and you are an expert in your significant other. Together, we are the perfect team to choose an engagement ring that will spark joy in your hearts every single day.

Designed in-house and handmade locally by a select group of expert jewellers, we are truly proud of our collection of engagement rings. Our Toronto, Canada dainty gold engagement rings are created close to home, and close to our hearts. Care and connection are the foundation of our beloved engagement ring collection. We care for our planet and all of those who inhabit it, and it is for that reason that we ensure that all of our stones are ethically sourced and we only use recycled gold. 

When you choose an engagement ring from bluboho, you know that your piece is made with love. Our handcrafted engagement rings are exclusively and uniquely made in Toronto, Canada, designed in-house and handmade in Toronto by a select group of expert jewellers. We use only recycled gold, making sure that nothing is wasted and that we are creating ethically. Our diamonds used in our natural stone engagement rings are only ethically sourced using the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly Process unites global industries around the world to reduce the flow of conflict diamonds. The Kimberly Process is committed to removing conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. using this process we know that our diamonds are sourced in ethical working environments, with fair pay, safe work places, and proper care for the miners. you have found the right person, you have found the right place, now let’s find the right engagement ring.

You’ve found the right person. You’ve found the right place. Let’s book your complimentary engagement ring consultation today, to find the ring that expresses your love. 


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