14k Revival Diamond Snake Ring - 14k Gold, Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby


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our 14k gold snake revival ring

if you are looking for beautiful and dainty snake jewelry, look no further than our revival snake adjustable cuff ring. this gold snake ring comes in either 14k yellow or rose gold with 4 precious gemstone options. the stones are placed in the eyes of the snake, which is a beautiful way fo you to customize your snake ring story.

what does a snake symbolize?

we love snakes and what they represent. the serpent is an undeniable symbol of personal growth and renewal. as a snake sheds its skin, it takes on an entirely new form. formative experiences in our own lives have much the same effect; never compromising our true selves, we are constantly finding ourselves changed with new knowledge, wisdom, and love. snakes slough off the past with every new skin, so ask yourself: what do you need to shake off so you can expand your horizons? maybe, it is time for you to have some snake finger ring jewelry on your hand to remind of this important life lesson.

a great gift for yourself

have you worked hard all day, week, month, or year? then it is time to treat yourself with a fantastic gift that represents your personal and professional growth. it is a cute snake ring! you will look glamorous with a ring that says i am moving forward.

a terrific gift for your loved one

show the one you love whether it be a friend, a family member, or a spouse how much you appreciate all the things they do for you. the ones we care about look after us in many ways, even if the gesture seems small, they were there to do it for you. so give back and say “thank you for being there when i needed you”.

what makes this gold snake ring unique?

unlike most dainty gold rings, what makes this one so unique is that it is an adjustable cuff ring which means that is easy to make it fit on many shapes and sizes of finger. this really allows the snake and its diamond eyes in the ring to really stand out. the gold snake ring also features beautiful texture around the whole ring.

it is time to stack your gold snake ring!

stacking your rings means putting multiple dainty rings on one finger. but you don’t have to limit yourself to just one finger on your hand, and shouldn’t. stacking is an opportunity for you to have fun and tell a story that is displayed for all to see, and a great opportunity for you to remember important things in your life. what would you stack this beautiful gold snake jewelry with?

this gold snake ring is exclusive to us, bluboho

bluboho, is your local producer of handmade dainty jewelry such as this gold diamond snake ring. our products are designed to represent a life well lived which involves travelling to experience new things allowing you to see the world differently as well as the joy and meaningful relationships you build throughout your lifetime. this can be seen in our assortment of products such as our rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and engagement rings.

this snake jewelry is kimberly process compliant

all of our diamonds are kimberly process (kp) compliant, which means that our diamonds are purchased ethically and responsibly. we source all of our stones in Canada. essentially, it means that our diamonds are conflict free.

how to maintain your snake jewelry

there are a variety of ways that you can safely clean your ring without damaging it. some people like to steam clean their rings because it is quick and is usually chemical free. however, if you don’t have a steam cleaner, you can always soak your ring in warm water and mild soap for a few minutes, followed by some light brushing with a soft toothbrush, and ending with a quick drying sessions with a clean cloth. just make sure not to clean your ring in or near a sink, because you wouldn't want it to fall in the drain.

bluboho locations

if you are looking for other dainty jewelry like this snake diamond ring, you can find more online or in our 3 stores in ontario, canada (one in oakville and two in toronto).

  • 14k rose or yellow recycled gold
  • open cuff ring style
  • two handset 1.3mm ethically sourced, round brilliant white diamonds, emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires
  • handmade locally in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho

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