Revival Dainty Snake Earrings - 14k Yellow Gold


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Carry your story of revival with you, with our 14k dainty gold snake earrings

all earrings are final sale
  • 14k yellow or rose recycled gold 
  • available as a pair or a single earring 
  • each earring comes with a silicone, butterfly backing
  • handmade locally in Toronto
  • exclusive to bluboho
  • To shop the Revival Earring in Rose Gold click here

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The serpent is an undeniable symbol of personal growth and renewal. As a snake sheds its skin, it takes on an entirely new form. Formative experiences in our own lives have much the same effect; never compromising our true selves, we are constantly finding ourselves changed with new knowledge, wisdom, and love. Snakes slough off the past with every new skin, so ask yourself: what do you need to shake off so you can expand your horizons?

dainty gold snake earrings, a beautiful representation of one shedding the old and growing into the new.

no matter what point of this journey called life you find yourself in, these revival snake earrings match beautifully with who you are and who you are becoming. the serpent is an undeniable symbol of personal growth and renewal. as a snake sheds its skin, so do you when you come out of a period of growth. mark where you are in this journey allowing yourself room to grow, and even more importantly, a fresh beginning and perspective. the revival snake earrings point to the importance of seeing how far you have come from who you used to be. reminding you that no matter what has been left behind, there is so much more waiting for you. with our 14k dainty gold snake earrings, you can carry your story of revival with you.

symbolizing your person growth and renewal, when shedding your skin you take on an entirely new form. while you are always staying true to yourself, you grow through life learning about the beauty around you while changing on the inside with new knowledge, wisdom, and love.

let these earrings inspire you to ask yourself what you need to shake off in order to expand your horizons.

the revival 14k snake earrings also highlights the importance of revival. the new you. a symbol of rebirth, transformation and healing. “to be comfortable in your own skin is the beginning of strength.”- charles handy. revival embraces the new you. it brings life and luminosity back into the horizon. it reflects an empowering strength to take on the new and leave the old behind. much like the shedding of old skin, formative experiences in our own lives have much the same effect; we are constantly finding ourselves changed with a new love for yourself and the world around you. dream new dreams, find new hope, see new places. find excitement as revival takes the new you to places you couldn’t dream of before. encounter a deeper love and beauty for things you never could have seen with these gold earrings for women.

libra season is here and you are ready for a fresh start! emotional liberation has been a power point in your life lately, but you may be going into a season of new learning and some new shedding of the skin. learning to let go of certain things and hold on to others, your snake dainty gold stud earrings will remind you of where you are going, pushing you through to the balanced bright side you feel most at ease in. be encouraged by the new opportunities to come your way, libra. be reminded of the strength and growth that takes place during the cycle of a snake shedding its skin. be comforted knowing that you are not the first or the last to make their way through these mountains and valleys. “may the start of october remind you: you are worthy of new beginnings. you are worthy of finding joy in this season, no matter what is still unknown.” - morgan harper nichols these revival snake earrings are a meaningful gift to give someone who you know is going through a time of renewal and rebirth. showing that person that they are close to your heart and that you recognize their mountains and victories in life. celebrate their strength and who they have become! these revival snake earrings will remind them that they are not alone in this journey.

our 14k gold snake earrings are handcrafted here in toronto, ontario. these real gold earrings are the perfect dainty gold earrings to add to your gold earring stack. celebrate your victories, whether they are small or big. sometimes our smallest victories reap the biggest rewards. tell a story with your earring stack with our 14k gold revival earring.

we make all of our gold earrings with recycled gold, locally and ethically, so that you can wear your gold earrings toronto with pride. our snake earrings pair perfectly with our everyday 14k gold diamond shine on hoop. or you can add them to your ear stack with our beautiful 14k gold honey dipper threader earring. for other suggestions of how to wear your gold earrings canada, which dainty stud earrings for women are best for you, and what to pair with your 14k revival snake earrings, please send us a message! we would be happy to find the perfect piece for you and your beautiful story!