core beloved by bluboho engagement rings

these beautifully curated rings are a collection of core pieces that we carry at all times. these rings are perfect to be used as engagement rings, special occasion pieces and right-hand rings. these pieces can be ordered in any size and gold colour to best suit your needs for no additional cost, or they can be personalized by selecting an alternative sapphire or diamond to put in the setting.

beloved by bluboho engagement rings are a token of love. designed and handcrafted for the free-spirited bride, our team in toronto uses ethically sourced gold, conflict-free diamonds and precious gems. close to home, close to our hearts. we hand-select each gem for its extraordinariness, so that you can pick from a plethora of vibrant hues and unique textures. you can see and feel the love that we've imprinted on each piece of jewelry, and that's just the beginning of their story. their true journey begins with you.