meet the designer: pyrrha

Pyrrha holds a special place in our hearts here at bluboho, not only because of their timeless creations but their story is one we connect with on many levels. Last week each store received a brand new shipment, so be sure to stop by to learn more about their creative process. 

the designers-

Vancouver based designers, Danielle Wilmore and Wade Papin have been creating signature talismans since 1995, with commitment to "authenticity, quality materials, and fine craftsmanship".

how its made-

All Pyrrha pieces are handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada using authentic wax impressions and imagery from the Victorian Era. Each talisman is one of a kind and "designed to inspire the wearer with its symbolic meaning culled from heraldry." All pieces come with a hand torn card with the meaning behind your piece. 

at bluboho-

You can find a variety of Pyrrha's reclaimed sterling silver pieces at all of our locations and online. Exclusively (for now) at our new Queen Street West location you can also shop the fine 14k yellow gold pieces!

some of our personal faves-


This talisman features a sparrow holding a sprig of leaves in her beak. A master of flight and camouflage, she teaches us to use our creativity to solve problems. The sparrow speaks of higher thoughts and ideals.

winged heart

This French talisman reads, 'Tout Pour Vous' which means 'All for You'. The winged heart flying above the globe represents a love that has no limits.

never look back

This French talisman reads, 'Jamais Arrière', which means 'Never Look Back'. Pictured is a winged heart, symbolic of a sentient soul, liberated and flying free toward the future.

longevity, happiness and goodluck

This 14K yellow gold talisman necklace features three elephants on a shield, which represent longevity, happiness and good luck.

What we love the most is you can interpret the talisman any way you choose, making it a timeless piece that will remain in your collection for a lifetime.

Don't forget, you can now shop a limited selection online. Which talisman is on your wishlist?