march bluboho beauty favourites part 3

Our Monday's are much brighter when we get to share our personal favourites with you! Keep on reading to find out what our beauties are currently holding close to their hearts...


  • Something about Carly is that she can connect and get along with everyone and anyone! Catch her sweet and open soul in our Toronto store.
  •  “Of all my jewellery, the piece with the most sentimental value is my beloved Pyrrha talisman. When my father passed away last spring, I knew that I wanted something that I could wear to keep him in my thoughts. From the first time I saw it, I knew that this talisman was the perfect piece."
  • "Cast from the impression of an antique wax seal, the pendant mixes old and new in a way that brings to mind familial ties, and the passing of possessions and knowledge from generation to generation. The sterling silver, recycled and enjoying a second life, is a conductor of heat and warms on my chest as I feel the gentle weight of the pendant. On it's face lies the impression of a pair of scissors and the inscription, "we part to meet again" - a reminder to me always that while it might not be in this lifetime, I know we haven't been separated forever.”
  • With this piece holding so much meaning, layer it with something delicate to compliment it like the engraved tag necklace, various quotes bar/heart necklace and open heart necklace


  • You may recognize Melissa from most of our blog, social media and website images! Catch a real life bluboho model at the Toronto location! 
  • The 5 diamond ring is my idea of a perfect ring! It is beautiful both on it's own or stacked with other rings, lending itself to easily being folded into each individual's aesthetic and unique style. I love the simplicity of the piece and it's clean lines; and of course, the hit of diamonds in the centre! They're subtle but add brilliance to the piece."

  • FUN FACT: this exclusive bluboho piece is made by Carly!
  • Stack these 5 white diamonds with the peak's and valley's ringthe sunrise ring, cuff and stackers that are also exclusive to bluboho and mini beak to top off the stack!


  • Sarah is Oakville's beauty who will brighten your day with her heart of gold (and of course we l-o-v-e gold)
  •  “My fav pieces right now is bluboho's exclusive namesake ring! I feel like the rose gold is so versatile and easily paired with both yellow gold and really warms up my silver pieces. It's a very symbolic piece that is able to be stamped or engraved so that it's very personal and truly let's it play the roll of its name! It's a ring I'll wear forever because I was able to engrave my special someone's initial in it! I love my namesake and the fact one of our own bluboho beauties Chantal created and made this beautiful ring that I'll forever cherish!”
  • Stack this piece with thin bands to let the piece stand out, such as the heart shape ringthe peak's and valley's ring and of course a must have... stackers!

We love jewelry because it's so personal, so go on and find the perfect bluboho piece that you can hold close to your heart!