meet the designer: Chantal - exclusive bluboho line

Chantal Robert's is the jewelry designer behind our exclusive bluboho line. Her creativity, passion and beautiful spirit is translated into each piece designed and created in our line of silver and 14k gold pieces. We love Chantal and wanted you to have a chance to get to know her, and love her, just like we do!

what is your first memory of jewelry?

Chantal: Me and my brother used to dress up as pirates and look for our "treasure". I always begged my mom to let me play with her Aquamarine and white gold cocktail ring...I thought it was the greatest treasure ever! It was about 8 sizes too big for me and I adored it. I was so careful to put it back in its special spot in her jewellery box. It's mine now and I discovered in gemology class this it is in fact a Blue Spinel.

what is your favourite piece of jewelry you own and why is it your favourite?

Chantal: I have too many to choose! When I first moved to Squamish British Columbia a very talented local native silversmith lent me some tools and showed me how to solder my first ever silver pendant. I wanted something I'd made to add to my portfolio for my school application. I was shocked and ecstatic that I got into the program and he made me an Owl ring for all the knowledge and wisdom I'd be gaining in school. I love it so much! I've never seen another one like it and it's a beautiful reminder of how this all started for me!

if you could describe yourself in 5 words what would they be and why?

Chantal: Brave, caring, conscious, honest, and outgoing. Integrity is something I admire above all else so always trying to be conscious of my actions in all aspects of my life has something to do with being caring and honest as well. I really push myself to do things that scare I've come to accept that I can see myself as brave now :) I'm always told by others that I'm very outgoing!

why did you decide to get into jewelry making?

Chantal: I was always looking to find unique jewellery and eventually started to make my own pieced together necklaces while I worked in the dental field. The ladies really liked them and so I had to start making them for my coworkers and friends. When I decided I was moving to B.C. for adventure and fun, I stumbled upon the jewellery art and design program and got so excited at the thought of not having to search for things I like anymore. I'd be able to create straight from my sketchbook! I attended Jewellery Art & Design at V.C.C. downtown Vancouver for 2 years. From there I shared an awesome space with inspiring artists in different mediums at Homebase Studios. I took a few years getting inspired by the mountains, vibrant people and energy of the west coast before I moved home and truly went after my dreams!

what materials do you work with and why do you choose to work with them?

Chantal: I love both silver and gold but gold is so nice to work with!! I love to work from scratch with raw materials and turn it into something special. Every jeweler has slightly different techniques for how they do things I think that's what's special about metal working! The artist leaves an imprint of their style and personality on the piece and then the wearer makes their own markings on it...jewellery tells such a personal story.

I love the purity that is yellow gold. I remains true to its natural form. I wish I could time travel back to the Gold Rush era, I'd pan for raw gold all day! The fashion was so cool back then too!! Big hats and high wasted long skirts with cowboy boots...

what is the most difficult challenge that you’ve had to overcome as a designer?

Chantal: I think knowing where to start in always the hardest part. Every small step forward can get you to amazing places!

where do you get your inspiration from?

Chantal: Huge fan of nature. I always find my answers for everything on a walk in the trails. The crazy intricate designs nature creates is infinite. 

what piece of jewelry do you think everyone should own and why?

Chantal: Search for a piece that makes you feel unique and special!! When you put it on it feels great! That perfect piece for your style that compliments you! It's so personal. I love jewellery that feels good on and has some sort of movement or texture I can play with like a form of meditation throughout the day.

what is your biggest accomplishment?

Chantal: Following my heart and taking chances.

what made you want to be part of the bluboho team?

Chantal: The feeling you get when you hang out in the store. You can tell that thought and care is put into everything. The pieces are all so beautiful and so are the artists that make them! I love the spirit of what bluboho is and wants to be. It also feels incredible to see my jewellery hanging out in those cases with designers I have admired. I feel at home here with these ladies.

We love having Chantal as part of our team here at bluboho and we hope you loved getting to know about her! You can shop her pieces in our Oakville store, Toronto store and online