all new in store: Pyrrha

crop Jewelry is something that holds a special place in someones heart, which is why we love this Vancouver designer, pyrrha. Pyrrha handcrafts jewelry that is cast from original 18th and 19th century wax seal stamps. Their unique wax casting technique allows them to preserve each pieces original beauty and authenticity (check out our last blog post on our canadian designers to get to know them better)!


 so what's different about these new pieces from pyrrha?

  • these new heirloom pieces are a more feminine and delicate look; allowing you to layer with your existing pieces for everyday wear in a beautiful way

why we love these pieces

  • if you are a pyrrha lover (or just beginning your pyrrha talisman collection), these petite pieces are the perfect way to add to what you own or start a collection
  • they are the perfect gift for yourself or something else! all these pieces come with the signature pyrrha quote card with the meaning of the symbols featured on the talisman. find the perfect meaning for a loved one, it will hold a special place in their heart

how to wear:

  • layer on one of these new pieces with a longer pyrrha chain that you have, or even other necklaces that you own (layering is so in)!
  • these new stone and pearl bracelets add some sparkle and colour while still keeping true to pyrrah with the talisman charm

One of our favourite pieces from the new collection represents stability. The dropped anchor in the waves is a symbol of security, reminding us that no matter what is happening around us, we can feel safe. The black spinel has energetic properties that represent confidence. Pyrrha_Stability_Black_Spinel_Stone_Bracelet_Silver_web_1024x1024  

Add a pop of color with a delicate and sparkling stone bracelet. Imbued with metaphysical properties, semi precious stones contribute additional sentiment.  

Want to see these beauties in person? We don't blame you! Swing by the Oakville or Toronto (we can't wait to see you!)