Stones: Truth and manifestation (sapphire)

toronto-oakville-gold-sapphire-necklaces-may13-1538 Sapphires have long been a stone of wisdom and royalty and are considered the gem of gems. Sapphires are thought to be able to maintain the hope needed in order for our deepest desires and dreams to be fulfilled. Modern day uses and meanings include:
  • encourages opening the mind to beauty and intuition
  • releases mental tension
  • represents love, commitment and fidelity
  • promotes wise and honest leadership
  • guides human destiny
  • stimulates the throat and third eye chakras
The sapphire is the second strongest stone (after diamond) and should be cleansed every 15 days together with rock crystal and amethyst. We have sapphire in both stores and online, so stop by and take a peek!! xo