meaningful flowers for mama

mothers-day-flowers-simple-arrangements-featurephoto2 One of our favourite things at bluboho is finding the beauty and meaning in all things big and small. We've always loved flowers, and our guests know, you'll always find them on our tables, tucked away on shelves and side by side with our jewels. It's easy to see the beautiful magic of flowers, but did you know each flower has meaning too? We've rounded up our favourite flowers and their meanings to help you express your love for mama. If you don't have a gift to go with your flowers yet, be sure to check out our favourite mother's day gift ideas too.


lilac - first love


Purple lilacs are a symbol of first love. According to Greek mythology, Pan, the god of the forests and fields, was enthralled with the nymph Syringa (lilac’s botanical name). Naturally this bloom would be beautiful coming from a partner, but we think it's even cuter from a child. Telling mama she was the first person you ever loved - eeeps. So cute!

ranunculus - radiant charm


It is believed that ranunculus captivate and dazzle the eyes. They are ideal for someone who is full of radiant charm and who you highly admire (aka mama). The sweet flowers vibrate the heart, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

larkspur - beautiful spirit


The larkspur (delphinium) is a symbol of infinite possibility and also indicates a strong bond of love. It vibrates the throat chakra. This bloom tells mama you are grateful for her beautiful spirit and you love her to the moon and back.

forget me not - remember me always


When the Gods were naming the flowers, and all had been named, a little blue flower piped up and said "forget me not!", and that's how it was named. We love that story. This flower lets mom know no matter how big you get, you'll never forget her!!

tulips - doing it all for love


Tulips are a go-to for spring, but did you know they align all 7 chakras - and symbolize doing it all for love? We think mama does that every day - giving us her all. These blooms let her know it doesn't go unnoticed. We hope you enjoyed this blog post! Whatever you decide to get for mama this year, sit back, take some time to think about what it means, and get her something that truly shows your affection. Big or small, there is beauty in every act of love. xo

(photos: lilacsranunculuslarkspur, forget me not, tulips)