meet the designer: scosha

scosha-jewelry-toronto-oakville One of our favourite designers, Scosha, is going to be at both locations this week. To get you ready, we've asked her a few questions about herself, her team, and of course her beautiful jewels. We love the understated luxury of all her pieces. You won't want to miss our events, she will be making custom ID bars on the spot for our guests. Time to start thinking about what you want on yours!

1. How did Scosha come to be?

I sort of always had my own thing going and always hand made a bunch of things, depending on what I was doing at the time. Scosha the jewelry brand really happened by default, it found me and I went with the flow. It became apparent that I had something that people wanted and liked so it just sort of trickled along and before I knew it, I was in something with a lot of responsibilities, and a beautiful project that I wanted to grow with, and a crazy ride that I couldn't get off.

2. What is your favourite piece and why?

I still love our WB1, Classic Diamond, bracelet. It just feels like a self portrait. It's the second combination bracelet I ever made combining gold, precious stones and macramé onto what has now become our signature button. It's a classic for us and I think when people see it they know it's our brand. It always reminds me of how I started in Brazil before I made the journey to the US.

3. What makes Scosha pieces special?

I think what makes Scosha stand out, and makes people want to buy our brand, is that each piece is hand made, giving it a very organic finish. Most people are compelled by certain natural shapes, and that sensibility is something they may not be aware of (perhaps it's something deeper and spiritual with in). Scosha is a humble and comfortable brand, which allows people to adorn themselves in little treasures that have significant personal meanings to them without feeling flashy or trendy. The pieces have little details that display characteristics of global culture. And the pieces really are designed from a true place of experience, from backpacking through countries to the understanding of the artisan in many of these cultures.

4. Where is your favourite place to travel and why?

I love the world, and would like to travel everywhere and see everything. Every place is so unique and beautiful. Turkey is definitely on the top of the list, I have such a passion for that country and my experience while traveling there was so special. Nepal, India, Brazil, Bulgaria, South America, Europe, Japan, Australia, the list goes on and on, these places are all so amazing. Often, I find, it's the people that makes the place too- "people are places".

5. Where would we find you on a Saturday afternoon?

Playing with my children at home or out and about at a museum looking at dinosaurs or in the jewelry studio!

6. Any favourite moments you would like to share?

Every day we try to make it fun, laughing is the best way to get through the tough days. I love my team. I've had so many favourite moments with them, they are so dear and special to me, each and every one of them. Go Scosha team! YAY See you all soon!! xo