meet the designer: good charma

blog_pam In light of the Good Charma event this Thursday and Friday, I wanted to share the beautiful inspiration behind these pieces. I had the pleasure of speaking to the woman behind these amazing designs, Pam Fink, and her story is so special I wanted to share it with you here. Our conversation started with the question: “you were the start of bluboho, why do you feel a connection with our store and brand?” which is a broad and encompassing question that was ultimately answered throughout the whole conversation. “It is a really amazing home, I feel like it is a family. We all want to be successful and support each other along the way. Cheryl and Maggie truly believe in the philosophy of Good Charma and it is represented by who they are, how they live their lives and how they treat the people in their lives. They treat their guests (or I would call them fans) well, they are always looking for ways to grow and empower themselves as well as the people around them. Bluboho is a whole experience and I believe it is a really good marriage between a brand and a store that is really rare today. I would do anything for Cheryl and Maggie!” I feel as though the connecting dynamic between Pam and the girls at bluboho is their shared dream of making women feel wonderful in everything that they do. Our conversation led into her inspiration for starting Good Charma and what the brand means to Pam. “There is a multifaceted origin of Good Charma. My family owned a clothing store, a mini department store in Bali and I have always loved fashion and jewelry. I was always making clothes for our store. More specifically do you remember when the Iraq war first broke out? I have never experienced anything like this and I happened to be in Thailand at the time it broke out, I was enroute to Bali and wanted to bring something back for all of my customers and friends that was symbolic. I designed a necklace with a peace sign, heart, and a dove; I called it peace love and a dove. I also made a matching bracelet and called it the peace set. When I returned back to Bali I gave it to my close friends and customers, everyone loved them and wanted more! The next year I went back to Bali and came up with three more themes, two lucky and one love. I chose the theme of luck because I have always been a superstitious person and it is great when you get something that makes you feel lucky. I truly believe that what you give you get back and I channel this through my designs, which I feel is an original concept.” The symbolic nature of Pam’s pieces truly do make them special and is a way of giving a little piece of yourself to the special people in your life. She described how each piece has different symbolism to different people it does not have to mean one thing specifically. “If you went on a trip through Asian with a friend and shared an experience with elephants, the little elephant charm is a beautiful reminder of an experience that you two shared, it has a special meaning to just you two”. The obvious question came up next, “do you have a favourite piece from your collections or a piece that resonates with you more so than others?” “I don’t have a favourite piece but one of my favourite things about Good Charma is seeing how original each guest makes their pieces in the way that they wear it. You can add colour or different types of balls, you are not just adding a charm to a bracelet, you are adding bracelets to your wrist creating a new look. It is a different philosophy than traditional charm bracelets. Every piece has an authentic story for example I was at a Temple and found a Buddha charm that I loved and I traced it. I love to find cool spiritual things and find a way to infuse it and make it in a way that people have never seen before. I am not trying to be a generic charm bracelet brand, rather I want to offer something that guests can really make their own as well as offering quality.” The people who purchase Good Charma are not your ordinary person, they are beautiful human beings as Pam describes below; “If I could put all of the women in a room who love Good Charma they would all be best friends. They are creative, stylish, and philanthropic, love fashion, and really they just get it. They are a different type of person, a certain niche of women who really see how good it makes them feel. The feel like they have created something original by creating their own Good Charma stack.” We spoke a lot about her beautiful jewelry but now it was time for Pam to share a little bit about herself and what she loves to do. “I love creating ideas in my head, I am a thinker. I also love window-shopping. Stores to me are like museums, whether it is a health food store (I love health food stores) or an H&M. I like seeing what is out there. Shopping in Manhattan and looking around at the architecture is my favourite past time. Cheryl taught me to “look up” and notice the architecture on the buildings as well as the stunning skyline. I love walking every inch of the city, investigating the areas that I have never seen before. I also love adventures and buying just the right gift for the right person. Good Charma gives you the opportunity to give something to someone that has meaning just to you two. I love seeing a person’s face when they get something that is unexpected and symbolic, there is no better feeling than giving”. Finally she shared something with me that she does not normally bring up; “My Father is a very superstitious man; he wears a necklace of all of the charms that he has collected from his travels. Anytime I give him a charm he adds it to the necklace because he thinks that it is lucky. When someone else gives you something that has meaning it makes you feel lucky, like you could conquer your fears and be the success you want to be. Again this is another huge inspiration for my work”.  In closing, Pam’s enthusiasm for making the world a better place through giving whole-heartedly in every part of her life is what makes her such a special member of the bluboho family. We could not be happier to have her here again this week to share her wonderful philosophies and beautiful pieces with you. Pam will be at both stores this week, so make sure to come and say hi! The events take place: Toronto Thursday, Dec 11th 7-9pm Oakville Friday, Dec 12th 6-9pm See you all there! xo Laura