stones: love, hope, and luck (opal)

toronto-jewelry-opal-meaning-0091In the ancient world, opal was considered to be the most bewitching and mysterious of gems. Because opals contain the colours of every gemstone, it was believed to also hold all their virtues. Today, opal is the birthstone for October beauties, and it is traditionally given as a 14th anniversary gift. Modern day meaning and uses for opal include:
  • soothing and clearing the emotional body
  • boosting the joy of one’s earthly existence
  • optimism, enthusiasm and creativity
  • inspiring love and passion
  • enhances cosmic consciousness
  • stimulates flashes of intuition and insight
  • protective stone for deep inner work and meditations
Even though this stone is understated and delicate, it is powerful and protective. We have opal pieces at both locations, so come for a visit and a little peek! xo