meet our bluboho beauty: kolleen


what does being boho mean to you? Boho to me is both a style and a mindset.  It’s about being feminine, loving, and appreciating all things vintage.  It’s about making my own decisions and making choices every day that make me truly happy.

favourite piece and why? My favourite piece changes every day!  A few of my favourites are my “sisterhood” necklace that both my sister-in-law and I have.  I gave it to Katie for being my maid of honour in my wedding last month and for being my best friend.  I’m also always gravitating towards my pear charm bracelet that my mom and I share, a constant reminder of the bond that we share…Oh and when I’m feeling very “boho” I’m proudly wearing my new tassel necklace! what do you do when you’re not in the store? Right now I’m enjoying being a newlywed…and am working at unpacking and organizing my new house in Burlington with my new husband.  We have so much to learn about home ownership.  I’ve become a professional weed picker.  We thought we had this beautiful 5 foot tall “plant” in our garden and were constantly watering and pruning it to find out it’s a weed! Oh and I’m obsessed with watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette. who is your style muse? I love Jessica Alba’s style and anyone who can rock skinny jeans and beautiful scarf.  Oh and my Mom…she’s so classy and trendy. favourite song to dance to There’s so many!  I have no doubt that our new neighbors have seen Adam and I busting a move to the new Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” song when we’re making breakfast in the morning. what are you reading on the beach right now? I haven’t read a book in an entire year!  This past year was all wedding related reading and planning.  Any recommendations?! celebrity crush? I have to agree with Kendra on this one…Ryan Gosling. what are you making for lunch these days? When I’m home I’m all about smoothies.  When I’m working I’m a snacker…lots of little bites throughout the day keep me happy and energized.  We just got a Costco membership…so I have enough pretzels to last me the next 10 years. what is your favourite destination? Where do you eat, sleep and shop when you visit? My favourite place is where we went on our honeymoon…California!  We fell in love with this small town outside of Sonoma called Glen Ellen…it was so peaceful and beautiful, we couldn’t believe that people actually live there.  We stayed in a zen room among the wineries.  I also love where my parents spend the winters in Florida…Treasure Island.  I’ve been going there as least once a year since I was 2 years old and it’s like home to me.  Anywhere I go on vacation…I’m all about going out for breakfast at unique diners. what’s on your vision board? A fully decorated house!  Yoga at least twice a week!  Lots of time with family and friends…especially my 2 little nieces.  Lots of walks and spending time with my new hubby. XO Kolleen #bluboho_kolleen