inspiring ... pinspiring

we are so in love with all the ideas and inspiration we have found on pinterest - so naturally, we had to devote a blog to pinning! pinterest is this magical place where you can organize all your online findings (it’s bookmarking, but WAY more fun to see visuals) or upload your most creative creations to share with the world, via theme boards.

*our bluboho pinspiration page*

we are super stoked to be a part of this social network and have 17 boards with hundreds of pins–adding more exciting finds every day!!! we love all our boards!!! however, to-date have mostly pinned into: jewelry we love, travel the world, bluboho musings, store inspiration and words of wisdom.

* top: our travel board, middle: jewelry board & bottom: a look at our pins*

we are constantly searching online to find travel destinations, to get inspired by style – for home, fashion and bluboho, to locate words that give us goose bumps, scope out art, music that moves us, food & drink that puts smiles on our faces and bellies, amazing DIY tips & tricks and all things sparkly. we are still learning what pinterest has to offer and are thrilled at the all the possibilities … oceans of possibilities!!!

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get excited to be totally pinspired!!!!!...happy pinning!!!!! the bluboho gals xoxo