my not-so-secret love affair

Everyone who knows me would tell you how much I love jewelry. It isn't a coincidence that I'm part of the bluboho team! While I love pretty much everything in our store, here are a couple of my latest obsessions.

Ever since my mom gave me my love set three and a half years ago, I've loved the beauty and easy 'wearability' of Good Charma bracelets. I'd fallen in love with my mom's set, and she surprised me with my own at Christmas. I guess she had noticed me eyeing and admiring them! I wear mine everyday and to special events, they've almost become a part of me! Right now, I'm loving the bright colours for spring and summer, especially turquoise. The turquoise inspiration set is such a powerful piece. Turquoise is a powerful healing stone, and the inspiration set has some amazing charms. I love the tassel, tree of life, buddhas, peace sign... all of them really!! This would be a great set to share with some special friends or family members... anyone interested?

Ahhh... Chan Luu. My true love. I have never met a Chan Luu bracelet I didn't just die over. Again, the bright colours win my heart. Coral is the second colour of the season that I must have in my collection! I love everything about this wrap; the different sizes of the stones, the contrasting coloured threading, and the soft tan leather. It's bright and sunny, but still neutral enough (thanks to the jasper and clear quartz stones!) to be an everyday piece. Aaand, I had to sneak in a few more of my fav Good Charma pieces. The "I love you" heart is an all-time favourite for me, it has "I love you" written on it in 5 different languages. I want someone special to give me this one, haha! The second is a little owl single bracelet. I just love this cute and quirky little guy, and because owls represent wisdom and the ability to see what may be hidden.


xo Kristie