the journey is the reward

Change is inevitable. This month we have been all about being brave in the face of change and embracing the new journeys that life has in store for us!  We want to share one of our all time favourite poems on change & new beginnings. Enjoy xo   

The Bridge by Shel Silverstein

“This bridge will only take you halfway there

To those mysterious lands you long to see;

Through gypsy camps and swirling arab fairs

And moonlit woods where unicorns run free.

So come and walk awhile with me and share

The twisting trails and wonderous worlds I've known.

But this bridge will only take you halfway there-

The last few steps you'll have to take alone.”

The journey is the reward...Wear your tree of life to evoke deep grounding and remind yourself to honour your roots as you grow.

Always remember...everything you need is within you. xo