mind like water

"I unfold my breath unto life like the opening of a thousand petals." - Gisèle Theriault  

Many of you who have been touched by the unique and inspiring work of Gisèle Theriault, of the Barber’s Daughter, understand that her creations are much more than beautiful pieces of jewelry. For those who wander in our store for the first time, it takes only moments of observing the beauty of her hand-engraved pieces to feel connected to the energy in these stunning works of art. Gisèle has been designing and creating since 2006, but she has always felt drawn towards the creative world. In her own words, creativity “forces one to stay tuned for messages and learn to look deeply.” When she began experiencing a series of impactful dreams, she “felt drawn back to the world of jewelry. This time as a platform to create tools for people to heal parts of their life journey and get them back on track of the wonder and miracles that are always present.” Gisèle is a strong believer in the power of wearing written messages close to the body to act as positive affirmation and shield against negativity.

We have loved and admired Gisèle’s beautiful pieces since well before the beginnings of bluboho, and now we are so excited to be carrying her powerful mala collection. Mala beads have been used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures as a counting tool while reciting mantras in meditation. When asked about her intention and inspiration behind her malas, Gisèle states that, “a mala helps us focus, quiet the chatter, and be present to the miracle of breath. Like anything, with repeated use it takes on the memory of one's intention and can become sacred. Every bead is individually hand knotted in our signature malas. The guru beads are solid silver with written word or symbols. We are never too young or too old to be still, to meditate, pray or find our inner calm.” Gisèle has created her malas to be beautiful and durable, so that they are able to end up in the hands of people who may not know the wonders of this tool, but can have the chance to discover it. Each mala has different intentions behind it based on the energetic properties of the gemstones.  

The Howlite mala is an extremely calming piece. Howlite helps bring stillness to the overactive mind, and opens one up to new wisdom and insights.

The Sea Bamboo mala is very protective. Sea bamboo helps to dispel negativity, fear, and anxiety. It brings luck and love to the wearer and their home.

The Kyanite mala is very harmonizing. Kyanite helps to align the chakras, encourages self expression, communication, and speaking one’s truth. This stone is also self-cleansing, as it does not hold onto negativity.  

"Being is found in the open calm while observing the doing." - Gisèle Theriault We are all drawn to different energies at different points in our lives. As Gisèle puts it, “when we are willing to look deeply, we can discover that the reason why we are drawn to something is more than it appears.” I asked Gisèle what the malas mean to her personally, and she mentioned that she keeps one on her spiritual alter and has one that always travels with her. “Knowing that I can pick one up and start counting my breathing and go deep inside the wonder of being alive is joyful.”

Which of these beautiful, powerful malas will be the one that speaks to you?   xo Kimmi