meet the lovely Pamela Fink of Good Charma!

This week we were lucky enough to catch up with Pamela Fink, the amazing woman behind Good Charma. Pam is a firm believer in giving back daily to others and spreading good karma to everyone. She has a huge heart and and is a designer and friend who “loves to make other women feel wonderful”. We wanted to let you all have a chance to get to know and love her as much as we do!! Enjoy xo

what was your inspiration and initial vision for Good Charma? 

Well, my inspiration for Good Charma was multi-faceted. My family owned a clothing store for 30 years, so a lot of my initial inspiration for designing and my love for fashion came from growing up there. My Dad was also very superstitious and was always wearing charms and trinkets that he had collected from different countries. Along with that I had always admired all of my Grandmother’s beautiful jewelry. That’s where my love for collecting charms and jewels that make me feel lucky and powerful came from. Also, I have always travelled to Bali to help source for my parent’s store. I happened to be in Bali when the Iraq war broke out and that’s when I decided that I wanted to create something to symbolize peace, love, and giving back. That was the inspiration - to create something that brought together my Grandmother’s love for jewelry and my Dad’s superstition with lucky charms, along with the idea of paying it forward.

we love how we can share our Good Charma sets with the special people in our lives by giving away strands and “paying it forward”. can you tell us a little more about the idea of giving back with GC?

I truly believe that we can give back on a daily basis and that’s really how I try to live my life. Life is short and we have to all stick together, support each other, and spread happiness to anyone who needs it. My hope is that when you give or receive a strand, it will help you feel inspired, represent something that you need at that moment, and in a way help change the course of your life. I want to create something to remind other women that they can be whatever they want to be and feel empowered to conquer anything in life.

what is your favourite set or charm and why? 

I’m always wearing some Good Charma, but I really can’t say that I have a favourite piece because what I love about Good Charma is the way that you can mix it all up. The beauty is that you can really make it your own and that’s what Good Charma is. It’s about giving you that added element that sets you on your path for your day. It’s more about what you feel you need on a particular day - do you need inspiration, empowerment, love, friendship? For me, the more charms the better and the more I have on for the day the more I can give away too!!

how do you get inspiration behind the meanings of the sets?

I get inspiration from everything and everywhere. From people walking down the street, to art, to my travels in unknown places, temples, villages, and markets. I love traveling to different places, learning about and observing different cultures. I’m always looking, always seeing, and always observing the world around me. For the sets, I always want each group to represent a message. The Peace set was the first set I ever created, and it was to represent universal peace.

what is it about Bali in particular that you love so much?

When I first went to Bali, I was immediately inspired by the beauty of everything - the flowers, the smells, the people, the food, the ocean, and the rain. Everything just came together for me there.

do you have a vision of the type of woman who would wear your pieces when designing them?

I definitely use myself and what I love to create as inspiration. I feel like if I really love what I’m creating, it will shine through and other women will love it too. Also, because Good Charma can be worn in so many different ways, it can be appealing to all types of women. It’s more about the message behind the piece that’s really important to me.

why do you think Good Charma and bluboho go so well together? I think that all the women at bluboho are like me, in that they want to make their guests feel amazing. I know that it takes knowledge and understanding of the guest to help them find that perfect piece and I feel like that is exactly what happens at bluboho. They also understand me as a designer and want to get to know who I am, and then they take that and truly communicate with the guests about what it means to pay it forward by giving someone else Good Charma. I also get great feedback from having my pieces at bluboho that help give me inspiration in creating new things.

We just love Pam and are so thrilled for the new and exciting Good Charma pieces at bluboho!! Hint: get ready to add a splash of colour to your wrists!! 

xo Kimmi