an ocean of gratitude

As someone who is new to the bluboho team, I was excited to be working with the awesome staff and to be a part of the store. I had been a frequent guest and just fell in love with the beautiful jewelry and the heartfelt and touching intentions of the pieces. But more importantly I fell in love with the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the store and the staff. After my first few shifts, and helping many guests pick out their beautiful pieces, what became apparent to me, was how wonderful and special our guests truly are. That part of the magic of bluboho lied in our guests.

Many of you have become good friends of the store. Stopping in just to say hello and share the goings on of your lives with us. During my first week, I noticed many guests came in and greeted us with big smiles, hellos and hugs. I had just assumed that these guests were personal friends of the staff. What I soon had discovered was that many of you had just become really good friends through your visits to the store. I don’t think I have ever worked in a retail atmosphere where such personal relationships have developed and it is a wonderful thing. Getting to know each and every one of our guests makes coming to work an absolute joy.

When Maggie and Cheryl created bluboho, their intention was to be a place where people came to mark the celebrations, epiphanies, and milestones of their lives and the lives of their loved ones. So many of you have shared your personal stories with us. You have come into the store to find something to mark the birth of a new family member, to remember the loss of a loved one, or to signify a personal triumph. Your stories have reached our hearts and inspire us on a daily basis. We are truly humbled and moved that you share your personal experiences with us. You remind us of the importance of being kind to one another, honor one another and cherish one another.

During this Christmas time, we wanted to take this opportunity, to thank you, our wonderful and inspiring guests, for choosing bluboho, for sharing your stories of love, loss and joy and for reminding us on a daily basis, of the beauty of the human spirit.


    To quote one of our favourite designers, Giselle, we have an ocean of gratitude for you.