live your inspiration!

“She believed she could, so she did.”

This beautiful saying has been with us since the very beginnings of bluboho. It first acted as the push to believe in what was at first an idea between two friends, then as a reminder and motivator whenever doubt or fear would creep in. Now it has become our mantra to live by. These seven seemingly simple words have proven to be quite powerful. Believing in your inspiration and your passion is one thing, but turning your dreams into reality is a whole other story. The creation of bluboho took a lot of hard work, late nights, dedication, and help from family and friends, but it would have never become a reality if Cheryl and Maggie hadn’t had the courage to truly believe in their dream. They put their passion and inspiration into action, and never gave up on that dream. You have to trust yourself, listen to the voice in your heart, and truly believe in it - that is the key to living your inspiration.

Being a part of the beginnings of bluboho has shown me that we all have the power to create our dreams and to live our inspiration.

When you start to follow your passion, there will certainly be doubt, negativity, and fear in the back of your mind. What makes the difference is whether or not you choose to listen to it. We can always find reasons to stay safe and not veer too far off of the “beaten path”, but to truly live your dreams you have to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone. The most important thing to remember on the path to living what your heart desires is the importance of listening to your inner voice. That voice or gut instinct truly knows you.

The universe has a crazy way of giving us what we want, if we just simply ask for it. Earlier this year, Cheryl and Maggie had been imagining the perfect space to become the first home of bluboho. They both drew inspiration and affirmation from their bluboho pieces. Cheryl began wearing one of our Energy Muse pieces, called the Luck necklace. The intention behind the Luck necklace is to attract infinite possibilities and good luck. Every day for 10 days she set her intention and visualized the perfect space. She would manifest it and send it out into the universe. Maggie wore her Good Charma set of 6 Peace bracelets everyday to remind herself to stay calm and balanced, and to also keep her motivated and excited about the possibilities for bluboho. One of the charms on Maggie’s set is a coin inscribed with the words “peace, love, harmony, magic.” Not long after, something magical did happen; the perfect space became available and the pieces started coming together to create what is now bluboho. This just shows how powerful it is to manifest, believe in, and to put out what you truly want into the universe.

When you really listen to your heart, to your inner voice, what is it telling you? What big dreams have you always wanted for yourself? What doubts or fears have been holding you back?

Now is the time to let go of your inhibitions and to start truly living your inspiration.


As one of our favorite artists, Jack Johnson says, “Don’t let your dreams be dreams.” Put them out into the world and make them your reality!

xoxo Love Kimmi