the ripple effect: a bluboho exclusive

When we began creating our own line the intention was and always will be to create meaningful pieces. We mark and share moments in life with jewelry and with each piece there is a story to be told. The Ripple Effect collection is our feature this week because we think everyone can relate to it on many levels!

how the ripple effect came to be

  • Imagine standing by a beautiful shimmering lake - you pick up a stone and toss soon as the stone touches the water a ripple forms that becomes larger and larger
  • We created the Ripple Effect ring and ear crawler with a hand hammered texture to create the illusion of soft ripples that remind us how one action or intention, no matter how small can have an impact larger than you even know. Remember you can make a difference in this world!
  • These beautiful pieces below are Canadian made by our local artisan Chantal! 

the ripple effect crawler

the ripple effect ring 

At bluboho we are committed to creating a movement of more love, connection and humanity - this is our ripple effect, what's yours?

Don't forget, 'you are not a drop in the ocean - you are the entire ocean in a drop'  -rumi