June 19, 2017

where to workout in the GTA

Workouts can easily be pushed to the bottom of your to-do list, but movement is so important for mind, body and soul. Like all our hardworking beauties, our time is limited so every workout we do needs to be fun, intentional and easy to fit into our schedules. Here's our favourite places to sweat it out!


A 50-minute full body workout with classes designed to energize your mind and feed your soul. SPINCO’s workouts inspire us to push our bodies to the limit. We leave class totally exhausted but also feeling a new sense of balance. Plus their playlists are amazing!

via @adrienneliane

via @adrienneliane

Power Yoga Canada (PYC)

We are long-time students at PYC. Each class will leave you lit up, inspired and empowered to be a shining light to everyone around you. You will feel part of the community instantly and they make everyone feel at home. You'll leave totally centred and full of love. 

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Big Hit 

With boxing and kickboxing classes for every skill level (whether you are a pro athlete or never put on gloves before), the instructors will make you feel welcome and push you to the best of your ability. We love these classes on days when we're working through a problem, or have lots of energy stored up.

via @bighitstudios

via @bighitstudios


You don't need to be a dancer to move like one. Barreworks offers workouts that blend fitness training, core conditioning, yoga and pilates into one class. Using the ballet barre, resistance bands and weighted balls, you work though a combination of exercises that use muscles you didn't know you had. 

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If you're looking for a workout that takes everything you have to give, MADabolic is an innovative interval driven strength and endurance program that has you covered. Every class is different than the last with everyone there to motivate you. You will be sore for days - but it's that good kind of sore that pushes you forward.

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We hope to see you at a class and if you ever need a workout buddy, let us know.


Written By Affan Imran
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